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Denver's Tattoo Removal Service On Wheels

Denver's Tattoo Removal Service On Wheels

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Jesus Bujanda and his family help ex-gang members start anew with his business Tattoo Emergency 911.

Just over two years ago, Jesus Bujanda and his family had an ingenious business idea after learning about the difficulties of having gang tattoos from a close relative: a mobile tattoo removal service. Seeing the lack of laser removal and the high demand for such services in Denver, Colorado, they purchased an ambulance and refitted it with the appropriate equipment and got to work. Since then, their operation has grown to the extent that they've even opened up a clinic, and they've helped dozens of individuals reclaim their bodies as well as a better quality of life.

Jesus Bujanda and his lovely assistant standing next to the Tattoo Emergency 911 ambulance. #Denver #JesusBujanda #tattooremoval

Bujanda reached out to the State of Colorado and asked to work with juvenile offenders at nearby facilities, and this is now the bulk of the work he does other than servicing Denver locals. “This has been life-changing for many of the people that I have worked with because under normal circumstances, it is still quite an expensive process,” said Bujanda in an interview with Denver 7. “There are so many people that want to leave the past in the past, but they have a reminder and that is not who they are now.” Because he realizes the many impediments that ex-gang members and released prisoners face in life in general, he performs laser removal at the most affordable rates possible.

Jesus Bujanda removing some tattoos on The Enigma of all people. #Denver #JesusBujanda #tattooremoval #TheEnigma

Thus far, Bujanda has removed tattoos on all sorts of individuals from many walks of life. “When I first meet them, they are embarrassed to show me [their tattoos] — especially when I’m Hispanic and they want swastikas removed,” Bujanda said. “My answer is always the same: ‘I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help.’” 

The Tattoo Emergency 911 ambulance out at a location in Denver. #Denver #JesusBujanda #tattooremoval

If you want to keep up with Tattoo Emergency 911's life-changing efforts, follow them on Facebook. Should you be in the Denver area and need some laser removal of your own, reach out to them, and in just six short months to a year, your skin can be clear again, too.

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