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Depictions of Our Beautiful Planet: Earth Day Tattoos

Depictions of Our Beautiful Planet: Earth Day Tattoos

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Earth Day is a perfect time to celebrate our beautiful planet and all of the wonderful things on it, so we bring you Earth Day Tattoos!

April 22nd is a global celebration for the planet, and every beautiful thing on it. Earth Day is a time to be grateful for the wonderful globe we live on: animals, plants, oceans, humans, and everything in between. These Earth Day tattoos are a perfect way to show your fighting spirit, to show that you'll do what it takes to preserve and support the places we live and beyond. For this particular collection, we've gathered forearm tattoos, and a few others, that show incredible landscapes, or visions of this big blue sphere from space. We hope that these not only inspire you to get your own Earth Day-inspired nature tattoo on April 22nd, but also to feel a connection to nature that will spark a feeling of protection for fauna and flora the world over.

As time goes on we continue to realize that we are doing more damage to the Earth than we may be actually able to recover from, but the UN says there is still time to reverse the biggest problems. So, many groups are working extremely hard to bring visibility to issues like waste production, population growth, water pollution, and deforestation. There are tons of different eco issues at the forefront, and organizations like the Renewable Resources Coalition are trying to get the word out so we can look for strategies, and put them into action before it's too late!

Many of these Earth Day tattoos are done in a gorgeous Realism or Watercolor tattoo style that helps highlight the natural grandeur that is our planet. Lush green lands filled with forests and growth, and deep blue waters that support an incredible array of species. You may have wondered, like some of these forearm tattoos suggest, why the Earth looks so blue from afar, and the answer is (relatively) simple. About 70% of our planet is covered in ocean...another reason why taking care of our oceans is so important! Not only is it an absolutely essential part of our eco-system that supports life far beyond its reaches, but the ocean actually holds one million species alone. That's a whole lotta life!

Although Earth Day started with the continuation of the highly politically involved generations during the 1960's, the first Earth Day was in 1970 and it "gave voice to that emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns on the front page." has a lot of information about it, and says that this particular day "is now a global event each year...more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world." We're pretty positive that anyone around the world who is sporting an animal tattoo, natural landscape piece, or one of these incredible globe tattoos will certainly be doing their part, along with the rest. It's sort of hard to proclaim love of something proudly with a tattoo, without doing something to support and preserve it!

And although we definitely, deeply, believe that getting your own Earth Day tattoo is a perfect way to celebrate, and to show the rest of the world your dedication to saving our planet, there are also tons of different ways to save the environment! Reducing the amount of meat and dairy you eat is a super powerful way to help the planet, as is reducing how much paper, plastic, and water you use. A lot of this means being mindful about the resources we have, and using them responsibly. If you care about the planet, as the people with these globe tattoos clearly do, help preserve this beautiful globe floating through space! It can only survive with our assistance.

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