Desiigner Shows Off His Tattoos During an A Capella Rap for Vogue

Desiigner Shows Off His Tattoos During an A Capella Rap for Vogue

Desiigner is taking the rap game by storm. He's actually chasing his dreams.

The first time I heard a song by Desiigner, I thought, "Wow, this is truly awful." An extended period of time later, I still feel the same way. I think his repetitive rhymes and unintelligible voice is a slight to language and verse itself.

But seeing Desiigner trot himself out for a bunch of old, white fashion people and being forced to "do a verse" at the request of some rude WASP lady is just uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that he's goofy as shit and walks around like a man high on PCP. He then "spits" an a capella verse for these people.

They also ask him about his chest tattoo. His explanation for the tattoo is good, but he just says it in such an idiotic way that it takes away all positive meaning. 

Start the clip at 4:29 to get to the madness.

That was about as close to a minstrel show we'll see in 2016. Just a bunch of white people demanding a rapper to do a verse. Yuck.

I'm a comedian and I feel Desiigner's pain. Whenever I say that I'm a comedian, people say "Oh yea, tell me a joke!"

Fuck you.

On the other hand, holy shit I can't stand Desiigner as a rapper. I literally couldn't understand a word he said. There's a reason why they put subtitles on the video. Dude speaks in utter nonsense. You tell me, without looking up the lyrics online, tell me what he said in that verse beside "Timmy Turner." It's impossible.

I mean Lil Dicky blew him out of the water in the XXL Freshman Cypher.

Just absolute nonsense. What happened to rap? What happened to hip-hop? Can we mourn the loss of a once great music genre that was poetic, rhythmic, and badass? With clowns like Desiigner at the forefront of the genre, it's dying a painful and horrible death.

Cool tattoos though. Good sentiment behind the body art. Chasing your dreams is important and we should all do it, because if we don't, there is no point to living. But damn, what a shit rapper.

Desiigner's chest tattoo. #Desiigner #Chest #ChaseYourDreams #Rap #HipHop

I'm just gonna go listen to some old rap and reminisce about the good old days. Where verses and clever wordplay mattered. Back when it was important to be lyrically talented and not just repeat the same drivel over and over.

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