Detailed Blackwork Tattoos by Lucas Edwardo

Detailed Blackwork Tattoos by Lucas Edwardo

Blackwork tattoos have been taken to a whole new level!

Lucas Edwardo is a tattoo artist at Exile Tattoo Parlor and Traditional Barbershop in Essex, UK. 

Edwardo takes pieces that would generally be best suited to other styles like traditional, neo traditional, or realism, and adds intense detailed elements to create brilliant blackwork tattoos. He also does color traditional tattoos if blackwork isn't your thing. 

His blackwork tattoos, however, are some of the best I've seen. His versatility and artistic vision, to incorporate thick line work and dotwork into his pieces really takes blackwork tattoos to a new level.  

Sarah Whitehouse's Adorable Dotwork Little Girl Tattoos are super cute and exhibit some first class blackwork! 

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