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Detective Pikachu and Friends: Pokémon Tattoos

Detective Pikachu and Friends: Pokémon Tattoos

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In anticipation of the new Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie, we brought together Pokémon tattoos of all kinds because Otaku tattoos rule!

If you're looking forward to the Pokémon Detective Pikachu as much as we are, then you're going to love these Pokémon tattoos! We've brought all the characters together we could find, and although we'd love to catch 'em all, there's only so much time in the day. We love Pikachu tattoos, and Pokémon merch as much as the next person, but we've got nothin' on the Otaku's who have spent tons of time breaking ultimate Pokémon records. Apparently, super fan "Joe O'Connell spent 5 years and 500 hours trying to get a shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon Leaf Green and Heart Gold" and "Lisa Courtney has amassed the world's largest Pokemon collection with more than 16,000 unique items as of 2014." We wonder how long it took her to get all that stuff together...but also, with all the merchandise out there, how does she choose?

We've heard of people playing Pokémon Go for hours at a time, and we can't judge because we also spent an hour and a half watching Pikachu dance. If you haven't heard, fans were freaking out when Ryan Reynolds seemed to have tweeted a link to a full length pirated version of his new movie, set to release in all US theaters on the 10th. And although we were super hoping we could sit on our butts and watch the new flick from the comfort of our home, unfortunately it was just a freakin' genius publicity stunt. The first 10 seconds are, indeed, the real movie....but the next hour and twenty minutes are dedicated to the sweet yellow lil friend Pikachu dancing up a storm. Ultra cute, we mostly just stared at his lower belly puff and tiny little paws as they jiggled around the screen. To steal a line from another beloved franchise, "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!"

Body ink is probably the most dedicated, permanent form of fan merch you could possibly sport, and although we may have cornered the market on Pokémon tattoos, we aren't the only ones celebrating with some ultimate homage to the characters. Adidas, continuing their collab line that recently revealed a Game of Thrones tie in, has announced a Pikachu sneaker! It's not the first time a shoe company has copped the copyright permission to create cool kicks. Air Jordan's put out an insane Pokémon shoe, as has Glamb. If shoes aren't your not fret. You can always pick up a Poké Ball waffle iron, or a Snorlax Bean Bag Chair, or even a Pikachu USB Charger Adaptor that uses his butt as a charging device! Fun!

Although this is the first live action film to be inspired by the Pokémon series, what's so awesome about the fandom surrounding these pocket monsters, is that they inspire new events almost monthly...Pokémon Parties are pretty standard for kids (and adults too...), but there's even an awesome Pikachu Parada in Yokohama every year! Can you imagine? Thousands of Pikachu's fill the streets with their giant yellow heads and huge smiles and flashy tails! It's incredible.

Tons of people around the world are gearing up for the film in their own special way. Leagues and trainers are coming together, cups will be won, Pokémon and masters will fight for top titles. It truly is incredible that this particular collection of characters was created in 1995. We wonder if Satoshi Tajiri, video game designer, had even the slightest idea that the games, series, cartoons, merchandise, cool tattoos, events, and more would be so significant and popular the world over. They're so popular, in fact, that real deal Pokémon masters have developed a pea sized part in their brain just for recognition of the little creatures! Totally insane!

Written byTattoodo

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