Devastatingly Stunning Gradient Animal Tattoos by Zhenya Knyazeva

Devastatingly Stunning Gradient Animal Tattoos by Zhenya Knyazeva

Zhenya Knyazeva is bringing the colors of her city of St. Petersburg through wonderful gradient-doused tattoos of foxes, birds, and more.

Russian tattoo artist Zhenya Knyazeva trades black outlines for a solid palette of colors by making magic with gradients in her brilliant animal designs. While she also dabbles in neo traditional style, Zhenya's gradient-inspired tattoos outshine her equally striking neo traditional works. 

Zhenya's eye-catching pieces may remind you of fellow Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex's works for their use of gradients and no outlines. While Sasha's works are prized for their geometric-inspired elements and animal designs, Zhenya is more particular with the exact form and detailing of the animal and she also tends to use far more hues in her designs in comparison to Sasha's minimal touch.

The Russian tattoo artist also likes to mix things up a little bit by combining neo traditional with gradients and they often turn out absolutely stunning as seen with the ship in an anatomical heart below. Zhenya proves to be quite the versatile artist with her brilliant gradients and decent linework.

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