DeviantArt Illustrator Creates Fantasy Tattoos

DeviantArt Illustrator Creates Fantasy Tattoos

Judyta Murawska is a digital artist who found solid followings on Instagram. She now turns her fantasy illustrations into unique tattoos.

Deviant Art is a site booming with indie artists of all sorts — crafts, digital, cosplay, and more. There, they find refuge as people who enjoy the same things appreciate their works and in return, support each other in the community. 

Judyta Anna Murawska, mostly known as fukari on the site, is among the digital artists who found a strong following at Deviant Art. A fan of body modifications and tattoos, Judyta often drew tattooed women with mermaid hair and numerous facial piercings, often with fantasy-inspired looks.

From the support of many loyal followers on Patreon and Deviant Art, she was able to give up her work as a graphic artist and pursue drawing and tattooing full-time. She lives in Warsaw, Poland with her two cats and partner, Gabe. She's also managed to release a couple illustration books and shirts in the past.

Judyta is still currently developing her tattooing skills. Although she has her own distinct touch in terms of style, she's still experimenting with blending elements and working with colors. For now, she starts with mono colors on predominantly blackwork pieces to make them stand out.

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Her designs range from original illustrations, furries, fantasy creatures, and Sailor Moon characters. Really looking forward to what else is in store for Judyta in her tattooing career!

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