Diamond Portrait Tattoos of Movie Characters by Matt Youl

Diamond Portrait Tattoos of Movie Characters by Matt Youl

Nerdy neo-traditional tattooing by Matt Youl.

If you're a certified movie geek and you have a favorite character that inspired or changed your life in some way, then you might wanna get him, her or it tattooed! But who's gonna do it? The artist to look for would be UK-based tattooer Matt Youl, who is known for his distinct diamond neo-traditional portraits of movie characters. 

We featured Matt before in a previous post, but now I'm focusing on the way he depicts movie and TV characters framed in diamonds with a finishing touch of sparkle! Who's your favorite movie character? Think of it and The Youl shall do it! :-D Matt Youl works at The Painted Lady Tattoo Studio in Birmingham, UK. 

Images from Instagram.

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