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Diamonds: Rihanna’s Stirring International Pop Hit

Diamonds: Rihanna’s Stirring International Pop Hit

Music2 min Read

As if Rihanna wasn’t enough of a megastar, her lyrics inspire hundreds of tattoos

Shine bright like a diamond

The “Diamonds” music video hits you right on the head — the opening shot is sparkling, glittering diamonds being deliciously molested by Rihanna’s tattooed fingers. It cuts from poolside to streetside to diamonds, and we even catch a glimpse in the beginning of Rihanna rolling herself a thick blunt with diamonds as her greens.

So, shine bright like a diamond. It’s a valuable, easy sentiment to glom onto — be your best self, says Rihanna, or go a step further and follow Pink Floyd’s call and shine on, you crazy diamond.

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