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Did You See David Beckham's New Tattoo?

Did You See David Beckham's New Tattoo?

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The English footballer hit up Shamrock Social Club for some new ink.

By this time we thought it was impossible for David Beckham to find empty space to place new tattoos, but the English footballer proved us wrong Wednesday night. Beckham hit up Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club in LA to add an intricate black and grey portrait to his collection. 

Mark Mahoney hard at work on the tattoo. (Via IG - davidbeckham) #davidbeckham #tattoos #sports #markmahoney #shamrocksocialclub #popculture #soccer

It should be no surprise that Beckham hit up Shamrock Social Club for his most recent tattoo, he's been there more than a few times in the past. And if you are looking to get some real sick work you know that you'll be in good hands with Mark Mahoney. The tattooing legend is renowned for his delicate black and grey portraiture. 

Beckham's new black and grey tattoo by Mark Mahoney. (Via IG - davidbeckham) #davidbeckham #tattoos #sports #markmahoney #shamrocksocialclub #popculture #soccer

Say what you will about the sometimes controversial Beckham, when it comes to tattoos his taste is second to none. We adore his latest piece and look forward to his next visit to the talented Mahoney

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