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Did You See Selena Gomez's Square Inch Sized Tattoo? Probably Not...

Did You See Selena Gomez's Square Inch Sized Tattoo? Probably Not...

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The former Disney starlet joined her “13 Reasons Why” co-stars to get the world’s tiniest matching semicolon tattoos.

If Selena Gomez’s goal was to walk into the tattoo shop, sit down with her artist, and challenge them to create a tattoo with the most meaning per square inch, well, then she succeeded tremendously. If her goal was to get a visually impressive tattoo…. Not so much.

Selena Gomez and her co-stars show off their new tattoos. (Via IG - alishaboe) #celebrities #selenagomez

Again, we’re not trying to shit on Gomez and her co-stars for getting tattoos with so much symbolic meaning, that would be horrible. What we’re trying to do is urge them — and the rest of their tiny tattoo obsessed friends in Hollywood — to be bolder with their tattoo decisions. You can afford the best artists in the world, go and get some amazing work that will have people drop their jaws and demand to talk about it. Because you know they’ll ask what the tattoo means (because everyone always does), then you have a phenomenal platform to raise awareness for the cause.

Written byTattoodo

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