Dimebag Darrell Tattoos For The Father of Countless Crunchy Riffs

Dimebag Darrell Tattoos For The Father of Countless Crunchy Riffs

We fondly remember the Pantera shredder with some stunning Dimebag tattoos

This past weekend saw the annual celebration of Father’s Day and our Facebook feeds were filled with platitudes towards patriarchs. And we couldn’t give a shit. We don’t care about the man who raised you, we care about the man who raised the bar on shredding – Dimebag Darrell. Today we are honoring the father of countless guitar solos that brought more joy and positivity to the world than you ever will. So cue up “Cowboys From Hell” and get ready to rock with these awesome Dimebag Darrell tattoos.

Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott was born in Arlington, Texas in 1966. By the age of 15 Darrell, along with his brother Vinnie Paul, had already founded what was to become the greatest Southern metal band in history, Pantera.

Pantera spent a few years trying to be a glam band, but by the mid ‘80s the Abbott boys had started listening to the nascent genre of thrash metal and quickly altered their sound. Fueled by Dimebag’s next level riffage, Pantera quickly found new fans around the world with their heavier sound. By the time their 1990 major label debut “Cowboys From Hell” dropped, Pantera were on their way to perfecting a sound all their own – groove metal.

Pantera spent the next several years dominating the American metal scene before disbanding in 2001 due to frontman Phil Anselmo’s issues with addiction. Darrell and his brother Vinnie Paul quickly formed a new group, Damageplan, to continue where Pantera left off.

Tragically, while on tour with Damageplan in 2004, Dimebag Darrell was murdered in cold blood by a deranged fan while on stage. This senseless act robbed the world of one of the greatest guitar players to ever live and left a hole in the heart of heavy metal that will never be filled. Though Dimebag is gone, his legacy remains strong. His unmatched skills as a guitar god are still inspiring shredders the world over.

Dimebag Darrell lives on in the hearts of metalheads around the world. He has gained a type of immortality that few humans ever reach. Just take a look at these Dimebag tattoos. All of them are stunningly beautiful and heartfelt tributes to the man in their own ways. RIP Dimebag Darrell. We miss you.

If you have pure love in your heart for Dimebag, why not step up to the plate and let the world know with your very own Dimebag Darrell tattoo? It would be a much better tribute to the man than Phil Anselmo drunkenly shouting “White power!” onstage at Dimebash.

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