Disc Golf Tattoos Because We’re All Just Bros, You Know?

Disc Golf Tattoos Because We’re All Just Bros, You Know?

A love for throwing plastic discs into a metal basket yields some sick tattoos.

Getting stoned and walking around in nature is probably my absolute favorite past time. Sometimes, I prefer to be alone, but most other times I’d rather be with my friends. Walking around aimlessly while high can be a tough sell, so in the spirit of compromise, I’ve played several hundred rounds of disc golf in my life. In honor of this secret shame, let’s roll out the disc golf tattoos.

I got started playing disc golf in the same way I’m sure pretty much everybody else does. My friend had some really dank pot and was going disc golfing. The desire for sweet Mary Jane was able to overcome my preconceived notions of the sport and I soon found myself digging through the woods all afternoon looking for a lost frisbee.

Disc golf, in a vacuum, isn’t really so much of a bad thing. You’re just taking a walk around the woods on a path that’s dictated by where you throw a frisbee. It’s pretty chill, especially if you don’t keep score. Of course, there are all sorts of negative connotations when it comes to disc golf.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never seen anyone at a frisbee golf course that I wanted to be friends with. The stereotypical disc golfer is a total bro in a fitted baseball cap, cargo shorts, sandals, probably shirtless, crushing can after can of Coors Light. Sadly, stereotypes exist for a reason, and I’ve seen this archetype of a human countless times while throwing disc.

So great are the negative ideas in people’s heads regarding disc golfing that I was terrified to let my coworkers know that I was into it. Imagine my surprise when 2/3rds of our editorial team revealed that they too enjoyed the sport. I guess it just goes to show that the generalizations I’ve been making about frisbee golf might be a little off the mark. But I’m still going to stick by them, because harmless stereotypes help us navigate today’s confusing world with ease.

Anyway, here’s some disc golf tattoos adorning the skin of people. I’m sure all of them are just great people that I’d have a lot of fun with on the disc golf course.

If these disc golf tattoos don’t make you want to grab some discs and start throwing them at metal baskets, perhaps nothing will. But if a friend with some good drugs ever invites you out to the disc golf course, give it a second thought.

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