Disturbing Black and Grey Realism Tattoos by Edgar Ivanov

Disturbing Black and Grey Realism Tattoos by Edgar Ivanov

Ivanov's black and grey tattoos are not for the faint-hearted.

Old London Road Tattoos in London, UK is a fitting studio name for Edgar Ivanov's place of work. Old London makes me think of the 1800s when Jack the Ripper was terrorizing the public and committing murders on the streets of London. There's no Jack the Ripper tattoos here, but they fit the theme of all things dark, disturbing and mysterious. 

There's nothing human about these tattoos, well, except for the skulls, but they're really just a reminder of death. Creepy creatures and movie characters - these tattoos are what nightmares are made of! 

Make sure to keep the lights on while viewing the impressive and intimidating tattoo work of Edgar Ivanov. 

Images from Instagram.

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