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Do Tattoo Removal Creams Actually Work?

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Actually Work?

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For many the only downside of a tattoo is that it is permanent and if it goes wrong then they are stuck with some bad ink.

In reality there are only two options to remove a tattoo, laser removal or covering it with a larger tattoo, both fairly painful processes, but recently there has been much said about a third pain free way. Pain-free tattoo removal creams have been seen as the answer to our bad tattoo prayers and an amazing alternative to lasers. But do they actually work?

The guys over at Fox 25 spoke to a woman who tried a tattoo removal cream and shared her experience. Casey Randall got a small star tattoo after finishing college, but as life moved on so did her appreciation for her tattoo. Looking to have it removed Randall opted to try a tattoo removal cream, paying $100 for two months worth. Sadly for Randall the cream didn't work and only made the tattoo brighter!!

Tattoo artist Randy Randerson has also offered some perspective on the success of tattoo removal creams; "The creams from what I see, they will get rid of it, but it is just the same as if you burned it off with an iron, or you were to sand it off or something like that"

Physician's assistant Lindsey Willey has removed a number of tattoos by laser and has seen the effects of tattoo removal creams on a variety of people and the results have not been brilliant. "They don't typically see the results or they feel like it was a little too harsh on their skin," 

While tattoo removal creams are still a work in progress and there is no one magic cream that will remove your ex's name the idea of a pain-free removal is a nice one, though it seems it is still just an idea. Tattoo removal creams can take a year of use and still offer no improvement, and due to the mixture of chemicals contained can actually damage your skin. So it seems the best answer to a bad tattoo is a cover up or laser removal. Both are tried and tested methods and both work!!

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Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

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