Dobby Tattoos To Remind You That No One Is Free Until We Are All Free

Dobby Tattoos To Remind You That No One Is Free Until We Are All Free

We look at one of Harry Potter’s most beloved characters, Dobby the house-elf

Welcome to Tattoodo's Harry Potter Week! We kicked things off by sorting all of our employees into houses, which went about as poorly as expected. Then we shined the spotlight on Harry himself, and then hit up the pure nightmare fuel that is the Dementors. Now we look at the lovable house elf, Dobby! Be sure to check back all week for a slew of Hogwarts-centric tattoos.

Sadly, when Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves his proclamation of emancipation didn’t carry over into the world of Harry Potter. Slavery is totally permitted in the magical world of Hogwarts – but only if you decide to own a house-elf. Such is the fate that has befallen Dobby when we meet him. He is but a slave to the house of Malfoy, and no one seems bothered by this one bit. Today, we’re looking at some Dobby tattoos and getting into the moral quagmire that is owning another sentient being.

Dobby is eventually freed, which is nice and all, but then he just ends up working essentially as a slave for Dumbledore at the price of one Galleon a week (which is like $7). Why does Dobby do this? The same reason why recently released prisoners will sometimes commit a crime just to be sent back to prison – the institutionalized life becomes all they know. Living a truly free life is something that Dobby is incapable of because his spirit has been broken by spending so much of his life a slave.

But even though his situation is sad, Dobby makes us all happy. He’s got a great attitude and despite his unattractive features, he’s just cute as a button. And even though he starts out as an antagonist to Harry, he eventually lands on the side of right and helps out Mr. Potter in a big way (we don’t want to spoil the books if you haven’t read them).

Check out these touching tributes to a fan-favorite from the world of Harry Potter — sick Dobby tattoos.

We hope these Dobby tattoos remind you how much you love Harry Potter. That’s the effect they have on us, and let me tell you, we love Harry Potter so, so much.

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