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Dogs Love You More Than They Love Themselves: Divine Dog Tattoos

Dogs Love You More Than They Love Themselves: Divine Dog Tattoos

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Dog tattoos are iconic because our puppy pals are some of our closest friends. Showin' your love for animal folk will never go outa style!

As the tag line says, Dog tattoos are iconic, partly because our puppy pals are some of our closest friends...they aint called mans best friend for nothin, fo sho. And it's funny because we may think of it as a picture of an animal, but we get matching friend tattoos, names of people we love on ourselves, portraits of our grandmas and siblings...and to us, dog tattoos are totally the same. It's just like getting a tattoo of your best friend...which we've actually been planning on doing for awhile. We have both animal friends and human friends...and even sometime inanimate object friends (helloooo electric toothbrushes, cell phones, etc.)...

These dog tattoos some in different forms, because as usual we always try to give you a smattering, a potpourri, if you will, of varying styles, designs, meanings, and aesthetics. An illustrative minimal fine line dog is good for one person, but may not work for another, say...especially for the type of person who wants a hilarious clown pup like Jason Ochoa's piece...or a terrifying pit bull like Dexter's mean muggin dog...or Jack Poohvis' mechanic mutt, wrenches n all. Different strokes for different folks, ya know what we mean?

Justine, one of our writers, grew up in Connecticut with a grandmother who trained dogs, which meant that at any given time there were about 15 dogs running around the property. Apparently, when it would snow, the dogs would burrow under the snow creating a maze of snow tunnels she could crawl through. How cool is that? Are dogs not some of the best freakin creatures around?! And yes, she has a dog tattoo...straight from Michelle Myles, co-owner and artist of Daredevil Tattoo in the Lower East Side of NYC. Tattoodo has friends all over the globe, however, to get you that perfect pupper piece of your dreams!

Written byTattoodo

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