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Dominik Dagger's Bold Traditional Tattoos

Dominik Dagger's Bold Traditional Tattoos

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Blood, booze and a boxer.

Working out of Illumination Tattoo Works in Moers, Germany. Dominik Dagger adds a modern touch to traditional tattooing. This selection of his tattoos are all about death, surviving the apocalypse, blood, booze, flowers and ferocious animals in the traditional style. His work features thick outlines, dark shading and sticks primarily to the traditional color palette. 

Traditional coffin tattoo by Dominik Dagger. #traditional #DominikDagger #coffin #eyeball #banner #lettering

Modern traditional tattooing still stays true to certain imagery, but it's artists like Dominik Dagger who apply the style so well to whatever theme or imagery his clients desire. If you're in Germany, Dominik Dagger's the man to see for your traditional tattooing needs. 

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Lady boxer tattoo by Dominik Dagger. #traditional #DominikDagger #boxer #boxing #ladyboxer

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Stacie Mayer
Written byStacie Mayer

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