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Don't Fear The Reaper Tattoos

Don't Fear The Reaper Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These reaper tattoos will make you look forward to death...or at least you're next tattoo, right?

So, if you actually read these articles (it's cool...we know you're just hear for the tattoo eye candy), but if you do read them you'll notice that our title for this particular homage to reaper tattoos is a (sort of) pun on the most incredible song about death. Thanks Blue Oyster Cult. We dig it. And hell yeah, we hope you don't fear the reaper...because if so LOOK AWAY NOW. Here's a whole collection of bad ass, super cool reaper tattoos just for you and your short attention span and super obsessed longing for more and more and more tattoo pics.

Most of the time we like to wonder about why people get what they get and what it says about them and what it means..a whole sociological, psychological mumbo jumbo mish mosh of questions. Be this time it's clear that reaper tattoos are just hella cool. Yeah, we said it. Hella. Hella cool, that is. Whether they are a devil may care attitude towards death, or maybe you're just tryna look way more hardcore than you actually are...or maybe, like us, you think that death is just a kind friend cleaning up the earth one being at a time so that more beings may have room to, we're totes existential. No matter what it is, reaper tattoos are hella hella cool.

These reaper tattoos show all the sweet sides of death, and like we said...or, ya know, Blue Oyster Cult said, Don't Fear the Reaper babe. Everything will be fine. Everybody dies, and that's just like the circle of life. That's another song, btw. Where a young lion is faced with the brutal death of his father and must take back his birthright from an evil and cruel cat. Uhm....we digress though. Reaper tattooos. They're cool, and you should get one.

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