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"Don't worry, I'm normal" said Amy, Extreme Body Mod Enthusiast

"Don't worry, I'm normal" said Amy, Extreme Body Mod Enthusiast

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39-year-old Extreme Body Mod fan got implants, split tongue, tattooed eyeballs, and has 80% of her body covered in tattoos.

Amy, is an extreme animal lover, as well. Hence, the split tongues replicating a snake's, face implants to look like a cat, eyeballs tattooed black to look like a horse's, 80% of her body covered in tattoos... while assuring, "Don't worry, i'm normal." Don't worry, Amy, I believe you! Mad props to this tough lady!

Amy explains Bodyshockers host Katie Piper in an interview...

"I decided to get my eyes tattooed black because I would like to have eyes similar to a horse"

Amy the Alien Warrior Kitty showing her back tattoos #Amy #AlienWarriorKitty #ExtremeBodyModification #ExtremeBodyMod

Besides loads of body modifications, Amy also sports a lot of tattoos. 80 percent of them all over her body. The Italian hairdresser admits that people see her as a "demon", but she tells us that it is her way to express herself and deal with the aging process. 

Amy the Alien Warrior Kitty has a split tongue #splittongue #Amy #AlienWarriorKitty #ExtremeBodyModification #ExtremeBodyMod

Amy is an animal lover, hence the body modifications resembling some animal features.

"The tongue splitting is to replicate the tongue of a reptile", she said.

Here was Amy THEN... 

...and Amy NOW. What a transformation!

Knowing that everything is irreversible now, she reveals that she has NO REGRETS. Well, hats off to Amy for standing out against judgmental people and living her life the way she wants! They say that "You only regret the things you didn't do.", and it's true, if you're as bold as Amy, the Alien Warrior Kitty.

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