Dot Matrix Portrait Tattoos by Marco Bordi Are Total Perfection

Dot Matrix Portrait Tattoos by Marco Bordi Are Total Perfection

Italian tattoo artist Marco Bordi recreates the rudimentary style of the obsolete dot matrix print with striking blackwork tattoos.

At first glance, Marco Bordi's alternative blackwork portraits may immediately be compared to tattoo and body modification artist Yann Brenyak's gory work of combined scarification and tattoos. Both possess the same murky blackwork quality and graphic, silhouetted print style. However, as parallel as the tattoos of both artists may seem, they work with completely different techniques. Yann works with a scalpel and a tattoo machine in either hand, whereas Marco sticks to his coil.

The lioness with a tremendous roar herself, the late Amy Winehouse.

Marco Bordi is an up-and-coming tattoo artist from Rome, Italy. He recently bagged not one, not two, but three awards from Genova 2016 Tattoo Convention for his Frida Kahlo piece. It showcased his winning style that consisted of the distinct blackwork markings and dotwork that formed an image similar to the print created by dot matrix printers.

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Of course, cats are always under the spotlight and don't you forget.

Before he started this blackwork portrait montage, Marco mainly worked with the common geometric blackwork and sacred geometric tattoos. He did his first dot matrix piece in July this year, attracting clients who are seeking for something different.

The Italian tattoo artist has since done over twenty dot matrix portraits and counting, building up momentum and becoming part of the adept tattoo artists of the century who help to shape the contemporary tattoo scene.

Frida Kahlo, looking strong and beautiful in black and white.

Sing along to Morrissey.

This is seriously some fittingly dark tattoo of Heath Ledger as The Joker.

A tattoo as dark and imposing as a true Addams.

That's some monochrome tattoo porn for you. Don't forget to check Marco Bordi's Instagram feed.

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