Double Exposure Traditional Portrait Tattoos by Ry Tang

Double Exposure Traditional Portrait Tattoos by Ry Tang

Two rad images for the price of one. Double exposure tattoos are double the fun!

Tattooing at Istari Studios in Tucson, Arizona, Ry Tang is taking traditional tattoos to a whole new level. Incorporating the double exposure style with traditional tattooing elements is something different and fun. 

On the first quick glance, his tattoos look like normal people, but upon closer inspection you'll see that the faces are not what they should be. 

Some of Tang's pieces are more a face silhouette, with another scene where the face should be. While others still keep some facial features built into the double exposure elements. 

If you want to make the most out of your tattoo idea, try a double exposure traditional tattoo from Ry Tang! 

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