Douglas Grady's Funky Traditional Tattoos

Douglas Grady's Funky Traditional Tattoos

The funky look to traditional style is what makes Douglas Grady's work folk artsy and timeless...

The timeless traditional style is nothing without the funky and folky look. Too much refinement kills the style, in my opinion, thus making these tattoos more interesting and classic looking.

Douglas Grady is a disciple of the traditional tattoo style and is slinging out some awesome material. You, tattoo heads, should definitely immerse yourselves into it. This solid tattooer from Brooklyn, NY, makes some of the most solid and folky traditional tattoos that I've seen on the web.

Douglas Grady's tattoos are a product of a timeless formula created decades ago by our tattoo hero forefathers. It is a classic look of solid, predictable, simple yet beautiful and elegant imagery perfect for adorning the human body. Douglas Grady incorporates his own style in making his tattoos more distinct, and is at the same time, true to the fundamentals of the traditional Americana style.

All photos via @douglasgrady on Instagram

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