Dreamy Silhouettes by Matteo Nangeroni

Dreamy Silhouettes by Matteo Nangeroni

Surreal masterpieces incorporating dot work, subtle color, and hints of geometry.

It’s always interesting to see an artist’s style develop over the years. Sometimes this means going experimental and creating new and innovative takes on illustrative work, and other times honing and perfecting their signature style. Most of the time, both routes are done by experimenting with three key factors: color, subject, and technique. 

Traditional artists sometimes develop their own voice by using bolder, brighter, less common colors than the style historically calls for. Artists of the illustrative variety often experiment with surreal subjects by creating entire scenes in silhouettes, or portraits in the anatomy of an animal. Technical artists’ work can often be categorized by their pristine use of line or dot work, and expert use of shading and negative space. Artist Matteo Nangeroni of Saint Anthony Padova in Padua, Italy is one of those artists that continually shows a beautiful artistic progression throughout his ever evolving work, constantly experimenting with color, subject, and technique.

An illustrative artist, Nangeroni has seen a renaissance in his signature style in recent years. His early career saw a heavy use of geometric and animal influences, often incorporating the two, eventually lessening the geometric use, opting instead for touches of color and bits of line work. Most recently, he’s all but dropped the color, instead focusing on clean surrealist techniques, sketchy-illustrative pieces, and intricate dot work with small nods to his past geometric work, all of which can be seen in his beautiful scenic silhouettes. 

Fine lines and dark silhouettes make up the majority of his work nowadays, as he creates the tiniest scenes of underwater dreamscapes, beautiful mountain ranges, and the occasional tight rope walker, each existing within a silhouette like an anatomical heart, lightbulb, or a small child’s head. Although he seldom uses color nowadays, one scroll through his portfolio indicates that he uses it as more of an accent than a central character, often confining it only to his traditional inspired flowers.

So whether you’re a surrealism enthusiast, a dot and line work fanatic, or prefer your color as more of a punctuation than anything, Nangeroni might be the artist for you. He’s based out of Italy, but travels frequently throughout Europe, and will be guesting in Miami early next year. Fine lines, silhouettes, and exceptional execution, Nangeroni’s work is dreamy as fuck.

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