Dripping with Decoration: Ornate Ornamental Tattoos

Dripping with Decoration: Ornate Ornamental Tattoos

In this exquisite collection of Ornamental Tattoos we celebrate a girl's best friend: diamonds, jewels, flowers, and more, in lavish ink.

We usually think of La Belle Époque gowns dripping with jewels or Marie Antoinette's overtly decadent 18th century. Sometimes it may make us dream of intricately detailed mandalas set with precious stones or line work that is evocative of the finest silversmith filigree. Lavish, full of luxury and opulence, ornamental tattoos may come in many styles, but one thing will always stand true: your jaw will immediately drop with the lush, effusive sumptuousness of each piece. This particular collection brings together a few pieces that hopefully will illustrate just what makes high quality ornamental ink.

The name for the style means "serving or intended as an ornament; decorative"...and although many of the details used for ornamental tattoos can have meaning or symbolism behind them, some are used strictly for decorative pieces. It's up to the client and artist to make meaning from the art, but these beautiful works are also epitomes of virtuosity in visuals. Art for arts sake is okay with us, just as beauty for beauty's sake is cool too! Even if these pieces don't have any meaning at all, each incredible tattoo in this collection is stunning in it's ritzy details.

Since the name "ornamental tattoos" comes from, literally, ornaments, it makes sense that this aesthetic would include some of societies favorite adornments. Flowers, jewels, pearls, baroque patterns, and sparkling crystals...even linework that looks very much like filigree, or lattice and lacework...filigree is "ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery." One can often find it on jewelry, and it was most popular with the art movement art nouveau. In fact, many of the marvelous tattoos in this collection are inspired by that fine art style. Not only do the designs just pop with unique and imaginative displays of attention to detail, but the natural aspect of art nouveau supports patterns and iconography that wonderfully drapes across the body.

We also love Sion's piece because it actually, literally, uses an ornament as inspiration. Sion loves to do Korea's traditional knot tying art form as influence for her designs, and this one is a perfect example. You can find very similar knots hanging in peoples homes in Korea!

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That's one thing to keep in mind with these ornamental tattoos as well: one of their main visual points is to make the body look even more beautiful than before...which, maybe you could say of any tattoo, but with a name like "ornamental", you better believe that you'll want to decorate your body with even more care than you would decorate your home!! And, as always, just was all our homes are different, we want all our tattoos to be unique too! This collection has tons of different styles to choose from including Blackwork, Neo traditional, and even Jenna Kerr's mind blowing New School realism style! Her tattoos sparkle as if they were real diamonds! Totally unrelated, but did you know she flies planes too? She's basically a freakin superhero...a superhero who does one of our favorite styles flawlessly!

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