Dropping Knowledge — Biology Lesson 2: Giant Squid

Dropping Knowledge — Biology Lesson 2: Giant Squid

Come learn about these giants of the deep and take a peek at some squid ink.

The thing about the giant squid is that it’s not just a funny name, like how Greenland is icy and Iceland is green. These crazy fucking beasts are fucking huge. They can reach over 40 feet in length and their god damn eyeballs are the size of a beach ball.

The giant squid just may very well be the most gnarly looking of all God’s creatures. I’m just kidding, there is no God. What kind of omnipotent creator being would make something so terrifying? Their beaks are insanely powerful, and past that lies a radula, which is like a tongue with teeth on it. That’s so fucked.

Giant squid are also super mysterious. In fact, up until the year 2000, a giant squid had never been photographed alive, either in their natural habitat or captivity. Everything we knew about them until then we learned from their corpses that had washed up on beaches. Before modern times, history is peppered with tales of seamen who spotted these monsters, though most of these are probably exaggerations. At least, we hope they are. The iconic beasts have been the thing of legends for millennia. It comes as no surprise they show up so often as the subject for tattoos.

You gotta admit, squid are pretty rad. That’s probably why there are so many awesome tattoos of them. Thankfully, you’re probably going to never have to deal with a giant squid in your mundane day- to-day life. And that’s tight, as there are way better ways to die than being minced up by a tongue that has teeth growing out of it.

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