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Dynamic and Dark Tattoos by Joao Bosco

Dynamic and Dark Tattoos by Joao Bosco

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

By using fantasy motifs and traditional techniques, Joao Bosco can unleash your twisted, dark dreams.

Based out of London, Joao Bosco started tattooing in 2004. A natural draftsman, Bosco soon began testing out his skills on his friends, giving them free tattoos since they couldn't afford to head over to a real shop.

Bosco's style is unique in the fact that it is nearly unclassifiable. Even Bosco himself has trouble describing it; he infuses elements from the Japanese, traditional, and realism styles. He best describes his works as "fantasy," and with his free-flowing technique and his black and grey shading, who can really argue with him?

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Written byJoe

I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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