Dynamic and Vibrant Neo Traditional Tattoos by Toxic aka Jan Fresco

Dynamic and Vibrant Neo Traditional Tattoos by Toxic aka Jan Fresco

A young blood phenom of the neo traditional style from the Philippines, Jan Fresco is in the tattoo scene to make heads turn and jaws drop.

Vibrant colors, witty compositions and clean execution. Toxic aka Jan Fresco's neo traditional tattoo work is a dream for most collectors. With Fresco, you'll get a timeless, clean and vibrant tattoo that'll stand for the test of time.

I have been fortunate to tattoo alongside Jan Fresco for 3 years now. I became acquainted with this talented individual back in 2013, in our studio, Good Hand Tattoo in Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines.

A very unassuming kind of tattooer, the quiet yet brilliant Toxic slings some of the best tattoos that our shop has to offer. This is why I felt that it would be necessary to share with you, lovable readers, his very interesting and amazing work.

Jan Fresco's work is his own take on the neo traditional style of tattooing that is ever changing and evolving. His work is a reflection of how much of a learned illustrator and artist he is. Having tattooed alongside him for years now, I have seen him execute tattoos with such composure and ease while hitting that amazing tattoo right out of the ball park.

I have a lot to say about this amazing tattooer but I'll let his work speak for itself.

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