Dystopian Narratives Inspiring Women to Get Tattoos

Dystopian Narratives Inspiring Women to Get Tattoos

Margaret Atwood and Kelly Sue DeConnick discuss how their feminist narratives are inspiring women to get tattoos.

Some writing is inspirational in surprising ways. Take this unexpected trend in tattoos for instance. In a recent conversation in Paste magazine between Margaret Atwood and Kelly Sue DeConnick, the two renowned feminist authors discuss how their writing is inspiring fans to get tattoos that draw from their famous work.  

Though it's not the focus of their overall conversation, at one point in the transcript Atwood asks DeConnick about how some women are getting tattooed with the acronym "NC," which stands for non-compliant. For those of you that miss the reference, DeConnick's new break out comic series, Bitch Planet, is about a futuristic authoritarian society in which "non-compliant" females are banished to a prison-world. DeConnick's celebrated comic is staunchly feminist, and women are picking up on the symbolism in it and turning this brand for the dissident into a political gesture.

Their conversation is not only interesting but priceless in tone as well. The two authors have a very lively and funny rapport. At one point in their talk, the younger author even says that she would get a The Handmaid's Tale (Atwood's highly acclaimed dystopian novel) themed tattoo. Deconnick continues, "Oh yeah, I’m not shy about tattoos... I have a full back-piece and a half-sleeve." Atwood then attests to having already seen people with tattoos that are inspired by her iconic work, discussing how she's noticed the famous phrase from her novel in the photo below on several peoples' skin.

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Overall, the interview between these two phenomenal authors is an excellent read. The two of them bookend the spectrum of feminist dystopian narratives, and it's cool that they are both interested in tattoos. Their writing will like inspire body art for years to come.

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