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Each Speck is Special: Dotwork Tattoos

Each Speck is Special: Dotwork Tattoos

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Dotwork tattoos show that every dot matters in creating a beautiful work of art.

What really blows our mind about dotwork tattoos is how every single little dot works together to create a beautiful and cohesive piece. It's sort of like...a community of hardworking particles. Or people...all doing their part to create something amazing. Seriously, we could get real deep with the metaphors on this one. But, instead, we'll talk a bit about the history behind dotwork, as well as the techniques and uses of this style. In this collection, we've brought together some awesome ink that is perfect embodiments of the many uses and looks of dotwork.

So, the actual term for the technique of dotwork tattoos is "stippling". It's basically an illustration technique where you use tons of little dots together to create shading, aspects of a design, or, sometimes, intricate patterns. Some ornamental work that is, perhaps, some of the most well-known and sought after are mandalas. Many tattooists working with the concept of sacred geometry will use dotwork within their designs. The same goes for a lot of illustrative or blackwork artists: they use stippling as a way to highlight their work, or to create shadows. Really, it's up to the artist to use their imagination to produce some stunning effects with this technique!

Dotwork tattoos are certainly super specific and super little dot out of place can make or break a design. But we also hope you that this collection of pieces from artists within our app shows you that there are so many different ways you can use this technique! We love unique tattoos, and we know you do too. We're positive that when you use our new booking feature, you'll find an artist who can do a perfect dotwork tattoo for you...and pretty much any other style as well. We put you in touch with people who are devoted to their work, and devoted to giving you exactly what you dream of.

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