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Earth Tattoos to Support Awareness and Action Against Climate Change

Earth Tattoos to Support Awareness and Action Against Climate Change

Entertainment1 min Read

Tattoos of our beautiful planet earth done in various styles in honor of Leonardo DiCaprio's latest documentary.

Climate change is happening right now and we must absolutely stop turning a blind eye to it. This issue is the most important of all, as it concerns our children, our children's children, and all of the human race and living beings on earth. 

It is time to share the truth with our neighbours and act collectively towards the solution for climate change before it's too late. Let these lovely earth tattoos constantly remind us to be aware of what's already happening and spark a revolution to act against climate change! Don't ever think your action is invaluable - because good habits pay off when accumulated. May all our deeds be for the highest good of all. After all, our precious planet earth is our only home!

Watch the full documentary on climate change below. Involve yourself and join the revolution to heal the world! Credits to National Geographic.

Written byminerva

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