Edgy Contemporary Tattoos by Simone Klimmeck

Edgy Contemporary Tattoos by Simone Klimmeck

This Berlin artist is a game-changer in the fashion industry.

Some young artists seem to be able to do everything. This is also the case of Simone Klimmeck who is a German illustrator and tattoo artist.

Simone Klimmeck is part of this exciting generation that enjoys experimenting with arts and fashion. A renown painter and edgy tattooist, Simone has also made some cool collaborations with Urban Outfitters and other trendy brands. If her illustrations are indeed fashion-oriented, her tattoos are more artistic. Her field is blackwork, with plenty of contemporary effects. From sketch style to surrealism, Simone Klimmeck creates powerful and refined tattoo designs. With few lines, she is able to capture emotions and mystery in a gorgeous minimalistic tattoo.

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All images are from Simone Klimmeck's Instagram.

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