Eevee-lution: 17 Lovable Pokémon Tattoos

Eevee-lution: 17 Lovable Pokémon Tattoos

The spotlight's on Eeevee, the brown little furball everybody loves from Pokémon.

These Pokémon fans seemed to have stacked up on Everstones as they got this brown furball inked on them — staying as cute as it is in Normal type state for life.

As far as playing favorites in Pokémon goes, Eevee remains on top of the list. It's not hard to see why. This Normal type Pokémon is not only one of the cutest, most memorable critters in the bunch, it's also one that offers the most possibilities of evolution in the game. It started with its three inital Eevee-lutions that included Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon and has since then expanded to Fairy type, Psychic type, and more. The animé series also played a big part in contributing to Eevee's fame, when they wound up in female leads, Serena and May's care, and Ash's rival, Gary.

In the game, most seek after an Eevee for its evolutionary capabilities while some prefer Eevee solely for its cute physical attributes. But whichever way you like you Eevee, we can all agree that there's simply too much to love about this Normal type Pokémon to not have it as a tattoo. 

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