Elaborate Lettering Tattoos by Stanislav Gromov

Elaborate Lettering Tattoos by Stanislav Gromov

Stanislav Gromov makes incredibly clean and intricate graffiti-inspired script tattoos.

Stanislav Gromov's black and grey lettering is insanely detailed and complex. He makes graffiti-inspired script tattoos that are so elaborate it's easy to get swept up in their curves, dips, and arches. Though most of it's written in Russian, his calligraphy is so exquisite that you don't need to even know what the words say to appreciate them; their intense beauty is already more than enough.

Prior to becoming a tattooist, Gromov cut his teeth making murals with a focus on script. You can see how his penchant for tagging walls translates into his body art. His lettering is stylistically abstracted, just like most graffiti, so that it's geared to be visually striking than easily decipherable. In terms of street art, his tattoos are more wildstyle than blockbusters. He keeps his typography razor-sharp and insanely intricate. 

Gromov's script has a very unique look to it. While the majority of black and grey lettering specialists tend to work with bolder typefaces, he embraces a leaner and more flowery strain of typography. His style has an almost Victorian aspect to it, but it's so streamlined that it never feels antiquated. The way he carefully shades the broader portions of his letters gives them an almost metallic sheen, and the way he peppers his compositions with a bit of dotwork makes them look more expressive, almost as if scrawled with a fountain pen. 

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To read more of Gromov's highly stylized script, check out his Instagram. If you want the motto you live by inscribed on your body, he is based in Moscow, Russia and can be contacted via his website for consultations.

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