Elegant Flower Tattoos by Elizabeth Markov

Elegant Flower Tattoos by Elizabeth Markov

Ornamental, Neo-Traditional, and Versatile Beauties That Will Make You Say: WOW!

Versatility is key when it comes to being a celebrated tattoo artist. The trouble is, there are only a very select few that are capable of (let alone creatively desire) switching from style to style. It’s an incredibly difficult ability to master, but in doing so, it creates endless possibilities for the artist as well as their art. Bang Bang NYC’s Elizabeth Markov, also known as Lazer Liz, is one of those tattoo elite that has mastered several styles.

Favoring black and grey, but not completely opposed to color, Markov’s work is incredibly varied, jumping from illustrative to ornamental in a second without skipping a single beat. While her work tends to vary from one piece to the next, her flowers on the other hand, are generally done in a neo-traditional style with slight variations. Her strength lies in the petals that seem to unfold right in front of you. Taking care in the utilization of line work and negative space, Markov creates pillowy petals seemingly out of thin air. Using both black outlines as well as perfectly executed shading, she creates an amazing amount of depth within each bud. Never one to be pigeon holed, she can just as easily make a 180, and create a beautiful ornamental floral piece that grabs your attention with both symmetry as well as intricacy. A trait that undeniably sets Markov apart as one of the greats.

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