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Elegant Miniature Tattoos by Korean Playground Tattoo

Elegant Miniature Tattoos by Korean Playground Tattoo

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

These miniature tattoos are small but not worth missing with their adorable and elegant designs.

For many Korean tattoo artists less is more, and with Playground Tattoo this is certainly true. A lot of talent continues to come out of this country with artists specialising in fine line minimalist tattoos. 

Based out of Seoul, Korea, Playground Tattoo is one such artist who creates simple yet elegant and fun tattoos which happen to be incredibly small. So small that you might miss them at first, but when you do catch a glimpse, the designs are quirky, cute, and very well done. 

Although he specializes in blackwork, Playground Tattoo's color tattoos are equally as impressive with their simple pastel tones. See for yourself with the elegant flower tattoo below!

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See more of Playground Tattoo's amazing work on his Instagram.

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