Eleven Fickle Felines by Sol Tattoo

Eleven Fickle Felines by Sol Tattoo

Because No Matter What They Eat (string) or Do (barf it back up) We Love 'Em!

Ah, cats. We love them, they hate us, such is the relationship between human and feline. If you’ve ever had a cat, you know firsthand how fickle their love can be, and yet, our love for them will never wane. Whatever the heinous act may be (knocking a terrarium off a dresser and breaking it, or eating the air plant out of said broken terrarium) we love them just the same, even if it means having to rush them to the emergency vet to ensure their stomach doesn’t need to be pumped from eating our air plants. True love.

Artist Sol Tattoo, based out of Seoul, South Korea, is no stranger when it comes to cat tattoos, more fondly known as “cattoos.” Her adorable depictions of finicky felines are as cute as they come. Using a delicate hand, and incredibly fine lines, she creates the daintiest, tiniest kit-kats around, and one look will assure you that she’s well aware of the er… anecdotes of our fluffy friends. From “feed me” eyes to the adorable back roll that says, “I will murder you in your sleep,” artist Sol Tattoo is Kitten Kween.

You can see more of Sol's cuddly cats here, along with some other super sweet pet portraits.

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