Elisabeth Markov Bringing Us Some Tiny Animals

Elisabeth Markov Bringing Us Some Tiny Animals

Markov pays attention to every little detail while creating these miniature marvels.

Everyone likes tiny animals, it's one of the reasons why teacup and micro-bred animals are all the rage now. People want smaller pets not only for convenience's sake, but because tiny animals are just so freaking cute. There's nothing more adorable than scooping up a little dog and cradling it in your arms. Hearing its miniature squeal and you tickle its belly is definitely one of the world's most priceless pleasures.

Given the immense popularity of tiny animals, of course there is going to be a similar desire of tiny tattoos of tiny animals. Enter Elisabeth Markov. This immensely skilled tattooer has perfected the art of micro-realism. Often working with just a single needle, Markov doesn't sacrifice the details no matter how small the amount of space she is working with. 

I mean, could you imagine the type of business a zoo with only micro animals would do? I know that it's the only place my girlfriend would ever want to be. We'd have to move out of our current apartment and move to a place that was walking distance so that she could visit the tiny animals every single day. It's insane that this isn't a worldwide phenomenon yet if it exists.

There's not only a market with girlfriends, but with little kids too. I may be sitting on a multi-million dollar idea here and I'm just spouting off about it on this website. This is my idea! No one take it! This article is time-stamped, so if I see you making money off of my idea, I'll sue you and get my money.

Anyway, Markov's black and grey style lends itself beautifully for creating these adorable little creatures. The shading works beautifully to bring these animals to life, making them leap off of the skin, giving them character and vibrance, even if they are only in black and grey.

You can follow Markov on Instagram in order to see more of these black and grey beauties in your media feed. You won't regret it.

You can also head to her website to make an appointment for a tattoo, see her past works, or take a gander at her artwork.

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