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Elizabeth Warren Is a Huge Fan of the ‘She Persisted’ Tattoos

Elizabeth Warren Is a Huge Fan of the ‘She Persisted’ Tattoos

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Everywhere the senator from Massachusetts goes, people are showing her their tattoos inspired by Warren’s clash with Sen. Mitch McConnell.

No one in the world ever would have expected the words of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R - Ky.) to become the rallying cry of feminists everywhere, but that’s exactly what happened when McConnell silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren (D - Mass.) on the floor of the senate in February. And now Warren is seeing McConnell’s words everywhere she goes on supporters in the form of signs, t-shirts, and tattoos.

A collection of inspirational tattoos by Alli Shelly. (Via IG- alli.shelly)

Within minutes the words were used as a hashtag in support of Warren, and in the coming days “Nevertheless, she persisted” became ubiquitous in our culture. Across the country tattoo shops, including Brass Knuckle Tattoos in Minneapolis, started launching fundraisers tattooing the memorable words. And while it definitely became a phenomenon over the last couple of months, one had to wonder what Warren thought about it all? Turns out that she is pretty excited about the support.

What could have been an embarrassing moment for Warren has been turned into a galvanizing moment for feminists and the left, a reminder that there is a long hard fight ahead but that they are more than ready for it. One has to wonder where else we might be seeing the phrase pop up. Perhaps on presidential campaign signs in 2020? Only time will tell. Until then enjoy these empowering tattoos.

Charlie Connell
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