Elliott Wells Creates Fantastic Neo Traditional Tattoos

Elliott Wells Creates Fantastic Neo Traditional Tattoos

Hannyas, peonies and skulls - these awesome classic visuals are taken to the next level by an awesome tattooer Elliott Wells!

The Asian/oriental tattoo style is one of the most beloved genres in tattooing. The massive coverage and the flow of the tattoos that adorn the human body make this style definitely one of the best.

Tattoo artist, Elliott Wells, has his own take on the oriental style. The edginess of his action packed style gives the tattoo work more visual impact. Elliott Wells' work is definitely distinct. The way he executes the tattoo, from drawing it to tattooing it... is an art in itself.

If you're interested in seeing more of Elliott's work, have a look at one of the previous articles: Master Of Peony Tattoos: Elliott Wells.

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Check out more of Elliott Wells work on his Tattoodo profile and Instagram. And contact him through the shop Triplesix Studios. 

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