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Embracing Our Authentic Oddities: Strange Tattoos

Embracing Our Authentic Oddities: Strange Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

We promise these strange tattoos will have you aching to fly your own freak flag...which we wholeheartedly endorse.

Our tastes may differ, our styles and aesthetics may never see eye to eye, but that's what we love about tattoos and art in general. These strange tattoos remind us that there a million different personalities with a million different proclivities...which is awesome. It's part of what gives life its spice, its originality. There are the rule breakers, the pioneers, the people who didn't give a damn and gave the bird to all of societies rules and regulations...just think about it. These strange tattoos should inspire you to be yourself, to be authentic.

If it weren't for all the weirdos flying their freak flag out there where would we be?! Think of all the awesome tattooed people out there who made it possible for us, now, to be as tattooed as we wanna be out in the open, with no shame. Tattoos, even strange tattoos, are becoming more widely accepted and that is all in part for those who came before us. Don't forget them...they were genuine to themselves, they did what they wanted to do...they had the courage of their convictions, and their courage allows us to do the same.

We'd also like to say that you should never forget that what makes you strange, makes you unique...and this is important. Diversity makes our world a better place...for if we were all the same, then what would be the fun in life? These strange tattoos may not be your cup 'o' tea, but they're definitely somebodies cup 'o' tea and we're glad for that. The beautiful thing about art is that it's a visual window into the artists perspective, and often artists see things that others don't...and what's cool about tattoos, is that they are collaborative by nature. When an artists perspective matches the clients so perfectly that they create a wonderfully strange tattoo that they both are super proud to show the world...that's what's up. That's a beautiful thing about art.

Written byTattoodo

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