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Emma Stone Has One of the Most Meaningful Tattoos Ever on Her Wrist

Emma Stone Has One of the Most Meaningful Tattoos Ever on Her Wrist

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It might just look like a couple of bird feet, but it's so much more.

Emma Stone is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. She’s had starring roles in Easy A, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Help, and numerous others. She’s one of the most likable personalities in Tinseltown and her wrist tattoo will show you why.

Emma Stone's wrist tattoo. #EmmaStone #EmmaStoneTattoo #Bird #BirdFeet

From just a quick glance, one might wonder why Stone has two bird feet tattooed on her arm, but the story behind it is endearing and sweet. Stone and her mother got the matching tattoo after her mother beat her battle with cancer. It’s a good way to commemorate being cancer-free, but that’s not the end of the story at all.

Emma Stone and her mother. #EmmaStone #EmmaStoneTattoo #Bird #BirdFeet

You see, Stone’s mother’s favorite song is “Blackbird” by Sir Paul McCartney. She found great meaning in the song, and it is near and dear to her heart. So, Emma reached out to the Beatles bassist and asked if he could sketch the feet for the tattoo design. The musician obliged and shortly after, the two were tattooed to forever celebrate defeating the wretched disease.

As if you couldn’t enjoy Emma Stone more, this story will have you moved to tears with its sentimental adorability.

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