Emphatically Dark Tattoos by Lipa

Emphatically Dark Tattoos by Lipa

If intense blackwork is what you want then intense blackwork is what you're gonna get!

Lipa's tattoos will leave you loving dark tattoos! 

Dark designs done in a dark style is what you get with tattoo artist Lipa, and let's face it, what else do we need! Lipa's intense blackwork style will blow you away with it's solid black shading, dramatic style and chaotic nature. This is simply dark tattooing at its very best. 

Not your run of the mill blackwork tattoo artist, Lipa puts incredible energy and thought into his tattoos and the finished products really show it. Blending sketch, illustrative and traditional tattoos together, Lipa has created his own personal style of blackwork and you're not going to find it anywhere else! 

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Images from Instagram.

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