Enchanting Blackwork Tattoos by CJ Tattooer

Enchanting Blackwork Tattoos by CJ Tattooer

CJ Tattooer has a dark blackwork style any tattoo lover can appreciate.

Intense designs and dark shading are two of CJ Tattooer's best qualities! 

CJ Tattooer or Christopher Jade Cuevas is a master of dark blackwork tattoos and one look at his work is all the proof you need. Blending dark and intense designs with equally dark shading CJ has created a blackwork style that'll set your imagination on fire. Sharing elements of neo traditional tattooing the work of CJ is very much contemporary blackwork and a style I can't get enough of! 

The different tones and shades of black combine with the design to create wonderful depth and character within the tattoo. CJ clearly has dark black tattoos down and his intriguing imagery only adds to this. Check out the dark selection of work below and be amazed by CJ's enchanting blackwork tattoos.

All photos from Instagram 

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