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Encircle Me With Awesome Arm Band Tattoos

Encircle Me With Awesome Arm Band Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Instead of collecting tattoos like stamps, why not start with a big ol' arm band tattoo? It's like a tiny little hug for your extremities!

It's one of the most popular tattoos out there, and we know why. Tons of people end up getting tattoos dotted around their body like a beautiful stamp collection....but these arm band tattoos show just how cool it can be when a piece perfectly wraps around your body in a way that only fits Y O U. There are some tattooists that can really make their artwork blend with your curves like no other, and ya know what? It may look pretty simple but...doing a perfect arm band that meets as if it were a bracelet or cuff is actually kind of difficult. Why? Because our bodies are not flat, and stencils are!

Have you ever been to a tattoo artist who free hands a piece right on your body? Or maybe they use a stencil but they cut the paper in a way that blows your mind because all of a sudden something flat suddenly seems to meld onto your skin as if it were meant to be there? Well, that's what arm band tattoos are like. It's like having a unique and special artwork that, literally, fits you like no other.

So for this collection we brought together some wonderful works of art that really show how cool this can be. Whether Traditional rings your bell, or Blackwork makes you feel like the world is finally painted the color it should be, these tattoos are something special. And they also prove that even if an arm band is a simple solid shape, it can also be something totally different. We found some stunning sacred geometric cuff tattoos that blend mandala's with dotwork, and even some that don't just stop at the wrist but actually go up further onto the arm or even onto the hand. Just because something is a good old favorite, doesn't mean it needs to go stale.

The tattoo artists we support our truly worth adoration. They're devoted to this craft, and consistently create tattoos that are stunning. They're a testament to the power of this art form. We hope that these pieces really inspire you and perhaps influence your ink dreams. Arm band tattoos are a bit's totally a unique way to think about how you decorate your body.

If you find yourself looking at ornamental or pattern based work, then this may be the way to go. The cool thing about these patterned pieces just for your wrists is also the fact that they easily work with future pieces. We see tons of big black bands that encircle arms, and even legs, and we totally dig it. Because down the road, you can either build off of those shapes, or you can use them as separations for different ideas or different styles. Image: on one side of your arm band you could have illustrative aesthetics, and on the other side you could have big and beautiful New School or Neo Traditional stylings. Maybe you want vivid color on one side, and then smooth black and grey on another side...seriously, with the right tattoo artist, there are no limitations and only imaginative choices!!

Written byTattoodo

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