Energetic New School Tattoos By Mat Lapping

Energetic New School Tattoos By Mat Lapping

The new school tattoos of Mat Lapping are energetic, colorful and brilliant!!

Based in Hull, UK, tattoo artist Mat Lapping creates some of the best new school tattoos! Energetic and full of life the tattoos of Lapping are a bold and dynamic style that is certainly of the new school variety. Different to almost all other styles Lapping's tattoos are of an incredibly high standard and quality.

With bright colors and a cartoon like style Lapping's new school tattoos are awesome, a Lapping tattoo is energetic, creative and full of color and creativity. From traditional images to comic book heroes the tattoos of Mat Lapping are simply brilliant and well worth a long look. Be sure to follow him over on Instagram and keep up with this inspired artist!

If you want to read more about the origins, styles and artists of New School Tattoos, be sure to check out our guide right here.

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