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Enormous Masterpieces by Marius Meyer

Enormous Masterpieces by Marius Meyer

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This veteran artist creates excellent tattoos using American, Japanese and East Asian imagery.

Marius Meyer has been tattooing for over a decade now, and his experience shines in his jaw-dropping work. His traditional body art draws from a wide range of iconography, including American, Japanese, and East Asian cultures. His work is extremely complex in detail and features muted yet striking color palettes, and though his smaller tattoos are equally impressive, nothing demonstrates his skill as a tattooist more than his incredible large-scale works of art.

What makes Meyer's portfolio so magnificent is the fact that he illustrates such a wide range of subject matter, and most importantly, he honors the principles of design handed down by various traditions in the arts while doing so. Here we see examples of American traditional, like the tiger's head nestled between a pair of roses, as well as icons from East Asian sources, such as his depiction Kali and the Tibetan skull with golden snakes on its kapala. He even has done a handful of mystical pieces that borrow from european influences, as seen in his amazing back-piece of Baphomet. 

Meyer's Irezumi is some of the most compelling art work that he produces. Using an approach to the Japanese style that is traditional as can be, featuring heavy black backgrounds ribbed with negative space and cooly colored figures from the cannon, Meyer's work is classic and timeless. It is in his depictions of the most famous Japanese icon, the dragon, that Meyer's brilliance come to the forefront. He renders these serpentine beasts so that they seem to writhe with motion all over their collectors' bodies, making them quite the sight to take in. 

One of Marius Meyer's awesome Japanese dragons (IG—mariusmey). #dragon #Japanese #largescale #MariusMeyer #traditional

If you want to see more of Meyer's awesome body art, hit up his Instagram. To get a piece of Meyer's spectacular large-scale traditional of your very own, he works around Oslo, Norway and can be reached at for consultations.

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