Enthralling Tattoos by Benji Harris

Enthralling Tattoos by Benji Harris

Big, bold tattoos are what Benji Harris does, and damn does he do them well!

As an artist who lives to inspire, the work of Harris doesn't disappoint. Philadelphia Tattoo Collective is home to a true tattoo talent in Benji Harris. Producing bold tattoos that combine a number of styles, Harris has a very unique look. With bright colors and animated designs that draw on elements of neo traditional, new school and realism, Harris' tattoos are some of the coolest you'll see- especially his animal designs!  

Offering endless inspiration and tattoo entertainment, Harris' rad tattoos have taken him to great heights and it's all well deserved. A tattooer who knows how to lay down a design and make it flow with the body, Harris is certainly someone to admire. 

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