Enticing Dotwork Tattoos by Lawrence Edwards

Enticing Dotwork Tattoos by Lawrence Edwards

Stylish designs are brought to life by some wonderful dotwork!

Solid lines and delicate dots come together perfectly in Lawrence Edwards' designs! Premium Tattoo, Oakland, Ca, is home to artist Lawrence Edwards and his awesome dotwork tattoos! Using solid linework and detailed dotting Edwards creates some of the coolest dotwork tattoos we've seen. From delicate flowers to sarcastic superheroes, Edwards' clean dotwork style brings them to life and has them looking all kinds of cool on your skin! 

The perfect source of tattoo inspiration, Edwards' tattoos have a refined quality to them and are all finished to an immaculate standard. A guy you can appreciate endlessly, Edwards can be found on Instagram along with his awesome tattoos, so be sure to give him a follow! 

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