Epic Mythology-Inspired Blackwork of Lesya Kovalchuk

Epic Mythology-Inspired Blackwork of Lesya Kovalchuk

Lesya Kovalchuk is retelling the legends and adventures of mythical figures through glorious blackwork tattoos.

You'd think that Lesya Kovalchuk is reclaiming the glory of Greece with her blackwork tattoos that are heavy with Greek mythology and folkloric beasts. But to be honest, she's only picking up pieces of the decay and turning them into glorious works of art that are brimming with splendor and ferocity.

The girl with the dragon tattoo. Pictured, Lesya Kovalchuk. Dragon tattoo by Sasha Mashiuk. (Photo by Dmitriy Mel.) #LesyaKovalchuk #blackwork #mythology #dragon #SashaMashiuk

If there's anything else Russian blackworker Lesya Kovalchuk loves more than her cigarettes and literature, it's tattooing. She's been bringing things to life with skin as her canvas, illustrating notable figures in Greek mythology and literature. Most of her works also depict beasts and beings straight out of folklore and myths. You'll see a medley of legendary illustrations: griffins and chimeras looking terrifyingly majestic, Charon, the ferryman of Hades, sending souls to the underworld, and even Ganesh, the elephant god.

Even her digital designs reflect her fascination with myth and fantasy — all of which are anything but bland. The Russian artist's style is focused on an engraving-inspired blackwork that's characterized by lithograph-like illustrations and woodcut designs.

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All images via Instagram.

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